The Banana Republic Credit Card is a credit card that rewards shoppers who visit the Banana Republic. As with all other businesses related to Gap Inc., you can get an in-store card or a co-branded card. It’s a Visa card that’s accepted anywhere Visa is accepted, and you can earn reward points.


The Banana Republic Store card offers reasonable rewards, but the tips are not easy to understand. The prizes are limited in use, and the points earned may expire. There are many general rewards credit cards that offer broader benefits that are simple and easy to redeem 5% cash.

Benefits Provided By Banana Republic Credit Card

  • Multiple Benefits: Receive $5 in Banana Republic Rewards for every $100 spent at the Banana Republic and other Gap Network stores. You’ll also have access to special offers, a birthday gift, and 20% off your first card purchase.
  • Icon cardholder status after spending $1,000 per year: If you earn at least $1,000 on any Gap brands in a given calendar year, you will unlock the Luxe reward tier. This gives you two to three days of free shipping on online orders, 500 bonus points at the end of each quarter, free base store changes, and one day to pick your sale.
  • Accessible for those who don’t have a lot of credit: Unlike the Banana Republic and Gap Inc. Visa card, it’s by invitation only. Visa Signature Card, this in-store only card may be available to those with good credit.

Additional Visa Card Benefits

All Visa credit cardholders are entitled to the following benefits in addition to the ones listed above:

  • Chip and signature technology
  • Cardholder information service
  • Lost or stolen card statement
  • Emergency card replacement and cash payment
  • Comprehensive car rental insurance
  • Street Shipping (a pay-as-you-go system)

Banana Republic Store cardmembers get a few additional benefits:

  • Special events for cardholders, such as two-point days.
  • Access to exclusive events and offers.
  • A birthday present (the Banana Republic does not specify its worth or how much it is worth).
  • Prior notice of new trends and sales events.